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The Board of Directors, Management and sports development team at Brothers and Fuller Sports Clubs are on a mission – to make sure our talent here in the Far North doesn’t miss out on becoming the best they can be.

As the majority of Government funding usually gets directed to South East Queensland, we take our responsibility to support and build our sporting community very seriously. Equipping a healthy community is just one focus we proudly claim. Helping our region shoot for the stars is another.

We have designed and established successful development projects and initiatives throughout our region and are committed to continue to grow our capacity to nurture the future of sport in the Tropical North.

Fuller Sports Club is keen to expand its financial support to sporting organisations in the Southern corridor.

Organisations and charities seeking support from Fuller Sports Club are asked to complete the application form below.

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Supporting the Local Community

We strive to support our community in any way we can. As a part of the Brothers Group, we have invested in almost 300 community sports development projects to promote active healthy living in our region and nurture our community.

Our History

Fuller Sports Club was originally known as Edmonton Bowls Club, until Brothers Group took the club under its wings.

It has since adopted the deep-rooted history that Brothers had in the Far North Queensland community.

Our members can be truly proud of the club’s past and look forward to exciting times in the future!

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