Sport & Community

Sport is important to us!


At Fuller Sports Club we are proud to be at the forefront of sports development in Far North Queensland!

We continually strive to support our community in any way we can.

On top of our ongoing sponsorship, we give to many local and varied sports clubs. We have invested in almost 300 community sports development projects in recent years to promote active healthy living in our region, and we continue to develop additional projects in support of our community. We maintain our own sporting facilities and contribute to the maintenance and upgrade of many more in FNQ. 

Our History

Fuller Sports Club was originally known as Edmonton Bowls Club, until Brothers Group took the club under its wings.

It has since adopted the deep-rooted history that Brothers had in the Far North Queensland community.

Our members can be truly proud of the club’s past and look forward to exciting times in the future!

Rugby League

Since being adopted by Brothers Group, Fuller Sports Club have become proud supporters and sponsors of sports development, in particular Rugby League, in the Far North Queensland!

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